history of prince's grant

The history of Prince’s Grant dates back to the 1800s.

Prince’s Grant has a rich history and fascinating pedigree. Prince’s Grant was previously a portion of the Hyde Park farm. The first owner was George Wilson Prince who acquired the property by Deed of Grant on 20 October 1856 from her Majesty Queen Victoria. The land acquired by Mr Prince was 3354 acres in size, according to the Deed of Grant and the price a handsome two pounds, five shillings and four pence sterling.

The farm was acquired by Babu Bodasing soon after the purchase. He was an indentured cane cutter from India. In his lifetime, Babu Bodasing managed to put together a portfolio of properties in Natal and Hyde Park that remained in Bodasing hands until the land on which Prince’s Grant is situated was sold to Prince’s Grant Property Share Block Limited by Raj Bodasing. The latter is still a shareholder and director of Prince’s Grant Holdings (Pty) Limited.

Certain of the features of the estate originate from the Babu Bodasing era. The 16th hole of the golf course is known as Paddyfield. This portion of land was where Babu Bodasing planted rice many years ago. The small house on the beach behind the fifteenth green was the first building on the property and has been retained in its original form. The house was the Bodasing family’s original beach cottage. Although it has been redesigned, the remaining foundations were originally built by the Bodasings seventy or eighty years ago.

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