Top Wedding Trends of 2017

By January 10, 2017 No Comments

While weddings will always be a timeless occasion and no two are ever alike, certain trends come and go. We take a look at our top ten wedding trends for 2017.

1.The Ultimate in Personalization

Your wedding is all about you. Keep the spotlight on you by using a 3D printer to create personalized accessories for your wedding. From place cards to napkin holders, guest favors to cake toppers, the only limit is your imagination.

2. Go with a Pro

Create memories of your wedding from angles rarely seen before by using a GoPro. Ask a groomsman to wear it while you walk down the aisle, or attach it to your bouquet to capture your groom’s reaction. Give it to your bridesmaids for the reception, your friends on the dance floor and keep passing it around to your guests for some live action footage.

3. Mix it Up

Who says everything has to look the same? Create a unique look with different centerpieces for each table, all keeping within your color scheme and theme. Vary between tall vases and wreaths of flowers, lanterns and candles and different types of lighting effects for each table.

4. Guest List with a Twist

Traditional guest books are a thing of the past. Couples are constantly coming up with creative ways to remember the guests who were at their wedding. A few good ideas include signing a bench for the garden, each guest signs a puzzle piece or use an engraving pen to engrave a message onto a silver serving tray.

5. Cocktail Hour

Keep the party flowing with a ‘cocktail reception’. Instead of having a formal dinner, have cocktail party with finger snacks available all night. The dance floor will never be empty because everyone will be eating at different times.

6. Have Your Cake

Gone are the days where fruit cake was the only option for a wedding cake. Dare to be different with unique flavors such as almond lavender, lemon meringue cake, cherry limeade and caramel apple cider. It is guaranteed to make your wedding cake a talking point for years to come.

7. One of Everything

Bridal couples are moving away from the traditional multi-tiered wedding cakes and are instead choosing to create a stunning display of a few smaller cakes. Not only will you create a striking display, your guests will have the chance to try each flavor, because who only wants one cake?

8. Modern Metallic

If you’re a modern bride who lives for glamour, you will love the metallic cake trend going around this year. Bakers are using edible paint and glitter and incorporating gold and silver geometric shapes to provide an art-deco Old-Hollywood effect with a modern twist.

9. Flowers are Fading Away

Instead of the traditional brightly colored flower bouquets for brides to hold, bouquets are going green, literally. Arrangements of non-flower bouquets made up entirely of greenery such as succulents, evergreen branches, palms and grasses are all the fashion now. Embellish your bouquet with acorns, pinecones or different berries for a splash of color.

10. Trashing the Trends

Perhaps the biggest trend of modern 2017 brides is letting go of what they feel is expected and going with what they want. A bride should not have to worry about doing things according to ‘proper’ standards, and should not feel obligated to please anyone. This is your day – make it what you want!