Why Invest in Destination Conferencing?

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Why Invest in Destination Conferencing?


All companies need their employees to come together at some time or other. This could be for training, team-building, seminars, or keeping employees up to date with advancements in their field. While it might seem satisfactory to keep doing these get-togethers in your boring old board room, the Prince’s Grant functions and conferencing team is here to tell you why you should think outside the box and invest in destination conferencing.


Taking your employees away for a weekend may have more benefits than you realize and of course, Prince’s Grant is there to fill your company’s every need.


Here are Prince’s Grant’s top five reasons to invest in destination conferencing:


  1. Build up the Excitement

Most conferences are planned over weekends so that working hours are not interrupted. The idea of sitting in meetings for a whole weekend will definitely not appeal to most employees. However, when they find out they will be staying in the luxury 4-star accommodations of Prince’s Grant for the duration of your conferencing weekend; they will be more than excited to go. Being enthusiastic and looking forward to it will bring a positive attitude that could make all the difference to your conference experience – and your business.


  1. Bonding Time

Most employees won’t have much contact with each other outside of working hours, much less socialize together. Bringing your employees together for a weekend will result in time spent together outside of meetings that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Letting them get to know each other better and have the chance to bond outside of work means they will function better at work. When not busy with the conference, while at Prince’s Grant, your staff can let their hair down at Mulligans Bar and Restaurant before enjoying fine dining together at Bunkers A La Carte Restaurant.


  1. Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Keeping your employees on the same page when it comes to current trends in the business, changes they need to know about or anything that affects them is important for maximum productivity. The Jeremy Stubbs Conference Centre at Prince’s Grant can comfortably accommodate anything between 20 – 120 guests with full conference facilities including projectors, audio-visual facilities, a PA system and wi-fi; making planning your conference and seminars easy to execute.


  1. Train as a Team

Ongoing training is essential to keeping your employees up to date with different aspects of your business, such as networks, systems, software, etc. Breaking up the training sessions with team building activities will teach your staff to work together as a team and build trust in each other, thereby increasing their efficiency in the work place. At Prince’s Grant, the Conference Centre will take care of all your training needs; and team building activities can be done anywhere from the championship golf course or 2km of private beach to the unique coastal forest or canoeing in the lagoon.


  1. Take Advantage While You Can

The best reason to take your staff away for a conferencing weekend is because with an offer like Prince’s Grant’s End of Year Overnight Conference Special Offer, you’d be crazy not to. The 24 hour conference package has been reduced to only R1775 per person for single accommodation and R1375 per person sharing accommodation. This is an investment in your business that will reap rewards for a long time to come.


To find out more about Prince’s Grant’s conferencing facilities or the End of Year Overnight Conference Special, call +27 (0) 32 482 0005, email or visit